If you happen to have been walking around Houston’s stately Tanglewood neighborhood on Thursday and noticed someone with impeccably coiffed hair, it might have taken a second look to realize it wasn’t Governor Goodhair but a different presidential hopeful: Mitt Romney.

The former governor of Massachusetts entered Rick Perry’s airspace to drop by former President George H.W. Bush’s home for a quick chat. Romney aides assured the AP that the pair are just “friends” and that the visit does not mean an endorsement is forthcoming from Bush père. A Bush spokesman also was dismissive of the meeting, calling it “a courtesy visit.”

But Romney took time out from the closed-door meeting to pose for an adorable photo with Mr. and Mrs. Bush and their pups, Mimi and Bibi.

The Houston Chronicle’s Joe Holley noted on the paper’s Perry Presidential blog that the visit comes as Newt Gingrich’s poll numbers surged ahead of Romney. But the real question is, will the meeting (and, in particular, the photo) help Romney overpower the growing “Newtmentum” in the air?