James Beard–nominated Andrew Weissman is remaking the fast-food industry, one burger at a time. The first Mr. Juicy, a small space on McCullough, held on through the pandemic, and now Weissman has this second spot, in a chartreuse-colored onetime Jack in the Box location. Try this: For about the same price as any fast-food meal you get a perfectly sized burger (on a house-baked bun), double-fried fries, and a drink. Upgrade your sandwich with a fried egg or order the “wet” option, meaning it gets a slather of smoky peppercorn sauce (you don’t find that on every corner). Shakes are notable, and the key lime pie is enough to lure us to the corner of San Pedro and Hildebrand any time of day. Pro tip: The dining room is small, so consider going the drive-through route and perching on one of the outdoor picnic tables.