An outpost of a small chain in the southern United States, Rumi’s Kitchen is a handsome new restaurant on Post Oak. Don’t be thrown off by the Lamborghinis and McLarens by the door; the staff and the vibe in this lofty room are welcoming and not at all snobbish. Many if not most of the dishes on the menu are grilled over an open flame, including the tender, smoky flatbread that comes alongside many of them. Our starters of labneh with charred tomatoes and a fiery roasted eggplant blend (mirza ghasemi) were quickly swaddled in this bread, and each produced sighs of satisfaction. And then came the kebabs! The lamb loin, twice marinated, was tender and rosy, and the beef boasted two different preparations.  Saffron basmati rice accompanied both. (By the way, the affordable Israeli Teperberg Malbec makes a good match for the beef kebabs.) One evening at Rumi barely touches on its extensive menu, which includes chicken, salmon, duck, shrimp, and ghormeh sabzi, a classic Persian herbal stew. We’re saving all of them for future visits.