Craft bites and signature cocktails are just the beginning at this farm-to-table restaurant. The look splits the difference between rustic and industrial.  The menu delivers with yummy appetizers such as roasted mushrooms and  sweet potato bisque complete with cashews and leeks. In the “Plants” category, you’ll find a classic Caesar salad and also a less  obvious choice, pickled beets with Gorgonzola (E3 Farm, a local hydroponic grower/supplier, is now in business right next door to the restaurant). From the pizza section, we quite liked the Carnivore, featuring bacon and chorizo with hot honey topping. “Sweets” offers three choices, and the chocolate tart with blood orange and salted cream delighted us all. The entire service team seemed as glad to be there as we were, yet didn’t bother us with unnecessary interruptions. Brunch is now offered on the weekend and on a follow-up visit, we were wowed by the breakfast pizza.