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The Hill: Doggett says R’s want to eliminate Anglo D’s

Jun 13, 2011 By Paul Burka

The story ran in The Hill, which, as many readers are aware, is a daily newspaper devoted to coverage of Congress. An excerpt from the story: "They do not want Anglo Democrats representing any part of Texas," Doggett said. "They went after [former Democratic Reps.] Martin Frost and Chet Edwards, and I'm the third one they have sought to eliminate. "They're trying to complete the task that [Republican former House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay's staff set out for them." DeLay infamously pushed state lawmakers to redraw Texas's lines in 2003, which helped Republicans take a majority of the state's House seats. There were 10 White Democrats in the state's delegation in 2002. Doggett and Green are the only two who remain. * * * * I wrote something similar during the 2003 redistricting. It was obvious that DeLay's idea was to get rid of the white Democrats. Some will remember the infamous memo by a DeLay aide--I think it was Jim Wilson--who kept saying ha-ha-ha about the Democrats who were marked for annihilation (Frost, Edwards, Doggett). DeLay's map eviscerated seats that had been Democratic for eons, including the old Wright Patman district in northeast Texas and the Charlie Wilson seat in the big timber country around Lufkin. Republicans really don't care if minority Democrats hold congressional seats. The R's can be fairly certain that, this being Texas, minority politicians will  seldom have influence outside of their districts--of course, there are exceptions, like Barbara Jordan.