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Was the Perry tape a dirty trick?

Sep 18, 2009 By Paul Burka

“Collin Watcher,” a reader, posted a comment to the article, “Let them eat chili,” about the video of Rick Perry speaking to a Houston business group, in which Perry refers to a report that Texas will be the first state to come out of the recession, and then jokes, Are…

Let them eat chili

Sep 18, 2009 By Paul Burka

This is the YouTube link for Perry’s comments yesterday about Texas being recession-proof before an audience of business leaders in Houston. * * * * Here is the transcript of what Perry said: “Why is Texas kind of recession-proof, if you will? As a matter of fact, just…

Dow Town

Dec 1, 1998 By Carol Chapman

When I was growing up in Lake Jackson, the center of my world was a park owned by my father’s employer. Forty years later, most of it has been sold to a developer, and natives like me are having a chemical reaction.

Merchant of Death

May 31, 1996 By Robert Bryce

By pooh-poohing sentimentality and focusing on profits, Houston funeral home mogul Robert Waltrip is making a killing.