SXSW: Stratfor CEO Gets “Mic Checked”

Jan 21, 2013 By Texas Monthly

During George Friedman's first public speaking appearance since his company was hacked by Anonymous, occupy protesters interrupted a panel he hosted at SXSW, calling him a private spy who worked for wealthy corporations. 

Thought for the day

Nov 25, 2008 By Paul Burka

One of my favorite web sites is, a private, Austin- and Washington-based firm that specializes in geopolitical analysis. Yesterday’s analysis focused on Obama’s approach to governing. If that seems a trifle far from geopolitics, Stratfor points out that what Obama decides will impact a world that remains American-centric.

The Spying Game

May 31, 1999 By Michael Hall

How the war in Kosovo turned an Austin online company into the Lone Star State Department.