Cornyn, Noriega spar tonight
Thu October 16, 2008 2:18 pm

The matchup between the two candidates for U.S. Senate will be aired by KERA, the PBS station in Dallas. I’m on the panel, and I have been trying to come up with good questions. All I can think of are the questions I’d really like to ask.

How about, for Senator Cornyn:

Has it ever occurred to you to actually vote for the best interests of your state on immigration and CHIP instead of parroting the right-wing conservative line?

For Representative Noriega:

Could you please explain why you have positioned yourself as a liberal Democrat in a state in which Republicans have held all 29 statewide elected offices for the last ten years?

And for Cornyn:

Have you had second thoughts about hitching your wagon to the George Bush’s star? Third thoughts? Fourth thoughts?

And for Noriega:

Is there anything you haven’t promised to spend money on? Is there anything you have promised to pay for?

And for Cornyn:

If someone wants to marry a box turtle, why should Congress stand in the way?

And for Noriega:

So, how’s the fundraising going?

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