Howard Wins!

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This just in from Will Hartnett’s office: Representative Will Hartnett, Master of Discovery for the Election Contest for Texas House District 48 releases the following statement: “After a thorough review of the numerous challenged ballots, I have concluded that Donna Howard won the House District 48 election by 4 votes. Voters who had moved out of Travis County without changing their voter registration and returned to vote in their former precinct caused a net subtraction of 7 votes from Ms. Howard’s margin of victory.  Counting 4 unopened ballots subtracted a net of 2 votes from Ms. Howard’s margin. Striking 1 vote by a voter who was not effectively registered added 1 vote to her margin. I have seen no evidence of any voter fraud or of any substantial errors by any Travis County election official.  My report will be released later this evening.” I believe that Hartnett presents his full report to a House Committee, which will review his findings. Will Dan Neil’s attorney, Joe Nixon, argue that the race is too close for comfort and that a rematch should be held?  Stay tuned…

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