Pickett Tosses Stickland Out of Committee

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House Transportation Committee Chairman Joe Pickett apparently threw Representative Jonathan Stickland out of his committee tonight over an allegation that Stickland had falsely signed up witnesses for a bill, according to Tim Eaton of the Austin American-Statesman.

Pickett, D-El Paso, ultimately had one of the House sergeants escort a fuming Stickland, R-Bedford, from the committee room in the Capitol.

Before leaving Stickland asked Pickett what he was trying to prove and also said he hoped Pickett would apologize for his actions.

Pickett said before removing his colleague that he held Stickland responsible for organizing a scheme in which people were listed as witnesses, yet were not in Austin. Pickett made a telephone call from his seat in the committee room and allowed people present in the hearing to listen to a supposed witness say he was not at the Capitol.

Stickland’s House Bill142 to ban red light cameras was left pending.

There’s more in Eaton’s story, so be sure to access it.

We’ll endeavor to find out more tomorrow. Depending on how it was done, if Stickland did indeed falsify witness sign-ins, that potentially could be the crime of tampering with a government document.

UPDATE: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Bud Kennedy has shared a video of the incident

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  • Lilly

    Now if they would just remove him from the Capitol.

  • Texas Publius

    If Johnny “I’d like to buy an R” Stickland falsified a witness affirmation for his bill, that is grounds for impeachment.

    I suspect the House Investigating committee will be pulling video footage from the witness sign-ins

    • WUSRPH

      There is no formal impeachment for House members. But there is expulsion or censure.

  • http://www.fortbendconservative.org/ John Bernard Books

    Git the drunk DA after him…..

  • TexasLippy

    Two quick things:
    1. That’s not what “gall” means.

    2. If there really are falsified witness registrations, we might need
    some sort of specialized prosecutorial unit thingy to investigate it.
    Perhaps housed in the local DA’s office. Just an idea.

    • Jed

      better to put him in front of a jury of the people who elected him.

      maybe they can convict themselves for stupidity while they’re acquitting him.


    I, like the rest of us, only know what has been reported. Beyond that we have to wait for the investigation….but Stickland has never had any respect for the House or the processes of representational government.. It has always been his way is the only way….that is the way of fanatics whether of the far right (Stickland) or the far left.

    So far there appears to be no reaction from his friends at Empower Texans…guess they are waiting to see how things develop before deciding whether to defend him as being the victim of attacks by Joe Straus.

    • dave in texas

      That’s a bit of a false equivalence. Even in a place as reliably liberal as Travis County, the lunatic left equivalent of Jonathan Stickland would never get elected to the legislature. Stickland and company, on the other hand, seem to have a pretty good grip on the Republican caucus. I shudder to think what this session would look like without the sanity of Joe Straus as Speaker.

      • WUSRPH

        Just because they cannot get elected does not mean that the extreme left should be ignored as being harmless. They–and the Sticklands—add to the atmosphere of public distrust that undermines representational government. The more people disdain the system, the less legitimacy it has and the less likely it is that the rule of law will be sustained. If, and I stress IF since I do not know the facts, Stickland is found to have done (or authorized it to be done) what is alleged he is likely to become even more persona non grata with his colleagues. This would not keep him from being re-elected for a term or two as he will run as “the defender of the people against the Austin liberals”….but it would make him less and less influential until he almost disappears into the woodwork.