The gender gaps – for both parties

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The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story earlier this week about the gender gaps faced by both parties. The piece, by Gerald Seib, notes that Obama tied McCain among men in 08 but led McCain among women by 13 points. Some other comparisons, more contemporary: Obama vs. R0mney: +6 among all voters,  -6 among men, +18 among women Obama vs. Santorum: +14 among all voters, +5 among men, +24 among women Obama vs. Gingrich: + 17 among all voters, +6 among men, +27 among women If I were a Republican consultant, I would tell our candidates to shut the hell up about the social issues. Especially since (as the Journal points out) women vote in higher numbers than men. Democrats face a gender gap among men, but it is less pronounced than the Republicans’ gap among women. It would be interesting to know what the gaps are in Texas. The Democrats’ gender gap among men must be enormous.

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