Tune in to the CBS Early Show on the Second of July. Texas Barbecue Will Be the Star.

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The Fourth of July may be all about American patriotism. But Texas chauvinism—and Texas barbecue—will be the order of the day on the Second of July. So fire up the TV at 8 a.m. Central and tune in to the CBS Early Show to watch Wayne Mueller, co-owner of Louie Mueller Barbecue of Taylor, demonstrate how to season and smoke Texas’s triad of barbecued meats. (The theme of the show is “Taste of America,” and he’s representing our fair state.) Since Mueller is the third generation of his family to run the joint, he does know a thing or two. After watching him live on the New York–based show, you won’t have any excuses for fixing lousy brisket on the Fourth. Oh, Mueller will also be in attendance at the second annual Texas Monthly BBQ Festival in Austin on October 30 (picture from last year). Finally, if it seems like barbecue is all I ever blog about anymore, you are so right. I promise I’ll stop for a while after this. Unless I don’t. . . .

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