Eat My Words

Home, Home on the Bend

Dec 9, 2016 By Jessica Dupuy

Hudson's on the Bend has long been a sentimental favorite. So, does the recently renovated Austin establishment hold up under new ownership?

Feast Forward

Oct 6, 2015 By Tom Thornton

How much does Feast Portland tell us about the food festival Aaron Franklin will be starting in Austin next year?

Meet the Winemaker

Jul 16, 2015 By Jessica Dupuy

How Wes Mickel, a trained chef and hobbyist beer brewer found his way to being one of the first cider makers in Texas is a question he still asks himself on a regular basis. The Arkansas native took on the challenge of making cider from Texas-grown apples purely by happenstance.

A Q&A With Justin Yu

Apr 26, 2015 By Layne Lynch

Below, Justin Yu of Oxheart in Houston discusses his recent James Beard Foundation Award nomination, his favorite Austin restaurants, the progression of Oxheart and a dreamy Taylor Swift-themed restaurant.