The Wine:
Duchman Family Winery, Sangiovese, 2012

Who Likes It: Jennifer Eby, Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek, Dallas
A recent addition to Dallas by way of Botero restaurant at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Eby has been pleasantly surprised to explore the Dallas wine community as well as the wines of Texas. Having worked with a predominantly Italian wine list when she was living in Las Vegas, Eby was particularly happy to discover the wines from Duchman Family Winery, which produces a wide number of Italian varietal wines. 

“I have a special love for Italian wines and I was so delighted to learn that Italian varietals are doing so well in Texas,” says Eby. “I was thrilled to add the Duchman Sangiovese to our list at the hotel.” 

The Grape: 
Sangiovese is a common grape variety throughout Italy. (It’s the most planted red grape across the country.) But it has won particular favor in the Tuscan region where iconic appellations such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Chianti Classico produce some of the world’s most prized Sangiovese wines. 

Why She Likes It: 
“Showcasing a distinctive ‘sense of place’ is a tradition at all of the Rosewood properties, and this wine has wonderful terroir, which is the perfect wine descriptor for ‘sense of place,'” says Eby. “I really enjoy living in a state that is passionate about all things Texas, including its wines! Duchman makes a terrific Aglianico as well, which is a grape grown in Campania and Basilicata in Southern Italy. This is a winery that is on the right track with the Italian varietals and I would love to see them experiment with some Sicilian varietals in the future.”

Suggested Pairings: 
“The Duchman Sangiovese is very Tuscan in style, with bright red fruits, aromas of smoke, earth, and herbs,” says Eby. “It will pair nicely with grilled and roasted meat, a nice juicy burger, charcuterie, tomato-based pasta dishes, cheeses, and of course, pizza!” 

Note from the Winemaker: Dave Reilly, Duchman Family Winery
“The grapes for the 2012 Duchman Sangiovese all come from the Reddy Vineyards, located in Brownfield (southwest of Lubbock),” says Reilly. “The vines were planted in 2006, and are still young, but only yield better and better fruit as the roots dig deeper into the dry Texas soil to look for water. Sangiovese is ideally suited to the hot, dry soil here, and this wine is proof of that.”