Beachy Keen

Grab your swimsuit, hop in the car, and drive to one of these four coastal getaways to beat the heat.
Beachy Keen
Photo by Stirling Kelso

Tell someone you’re vacationing on the Texas coast, and you’ll probably get a sympathetic smile. This is a fair reaction in a state with more than 350 miles of coastline, and, no offense to God’s country, a lot of underwhelming beaches. The trick is in knowing where to go. With a little looking, you can find your way to coastal spots that will impress even the most seasoned beach dwellers, people like Gene Gore, who worked as beach lifeguard and semi-pro surfer in Hawaii and now owns the South Padre Surf Company with his wife, Rachel. “Texas has one of the most beautiful and uninhabited coastlines in the world,” he says. “You can surf good waves and avoid the massive crowds found in Hawaii, California and on the East Coast.” Not a surfer? There’s still plenty to do, from sipping margaritas, to spotting great egrets, to plucking souvenir shells straight from the sand. Below, four beaches that

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