Nate Blakeslee, Dan Cosgrove, and Lauren Greenfield

Nate Blakeslee

Nate Blakeslee

Photograph by Peter Yang

The idea of profiling radio host Alex Jones has been kicking around the office for a while, but it took shape only as the nation’s political climate began to shift. “The most compelling reason to do the story now is the way the once bright line between mainstream and marginal viewpoints seems to be blurring,” says senior editor Nate Blakeslee, who wrote “ Alex Jones Is About to Explode .” “There is clearly something bubbling up from the hinterlands of American culture, and Jones is in the middle of it.”

Dan Cosgrove

Dan Cosgrove

Chicago-based illustrator Dan Cosgrove confesses that he’s never been to Texas, but that didn’t stop him from creating the artwork for this month’s cover story, “ The Bucket List .” “I’m a big fan of old poster art,” Cosgrove says, “but I try to give it a more modern feel.” He used that sensibility when approaching places like Palo Duro Canyon and the San Antonio River Walk. And the project helped put an item on Cosgrove’s personal bucket list. “I’ve got to get to Texas now,” he says.

Lauren Greenfield

Lauren Greenfield

Photograph by Robert Leslie

Celebrated photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield has no shortage of accolades and awards. American Photo named her one of the 25 most important photographers in the country in 2003, and her edgy documentaries on youth culture have garnered rave reviews. Yet the Venice, California, resident took a lighter approach to the hoopla surrounding the BCS National Championship game in January (“ Hook’d”). She captured the energy and excitement of the fans off the field, which turned out to be as interesting as what happened inside the Rose Bowl.

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