Married to the Mob

Conspiracy theories: The Mafia Theory.

The mob felt betrayed in 1963. Chicago godfather Sam Giancana had helped Kennedy win the 1960 election through skulduggery, and Miami mobster Santos Trafficante had aided the CIA in its assassination attempts on Castro. But rather than pledging their loyalty, the Kennedys launched an all-out campaign against organized crime. Attorney General Robert Kennedy first went after Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and then deported New Orleans syndicate boss Carlos Marcello to Guatemala. Pushed around long enough, and angry at the president for going soft on Castro—who had shut down its lucrative Cuban casinos—the mob made someone an offer he couldn’t refuse. Oswald was either its hit man or its patsy. Upon his arrest, the mob dispatched Jack Ruby to silence him.


Authors John H. Davis (The Kennedy Contract) and David Scheim (Contract on America) and veteran journalist Jack Anderson.

Strange Details

In 1975 and 1976, during the course of congressional investigations of the mob and the CIA, Sam Giancana was gunned down in his kitchen, Jimmy Hoffa “disappeared,” and Las Vegas mobster Johnny Roselli—who had told Jack Anderson that Ruby was ordered to silence Oswald—was dismembered, stuffed into an oil drum, and tossed off

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