In With the New

Jake Silverstein (left) and Brian Sweany (right).
Photograph by Jasmin Chang

Let me say a few words about the modern world, the last on the subject—or any subject—that I expect to be writing in this space in the foreseeable future.

For nearly 36 years, the editor of Texas Monthly had one job. Our founding editor, Bill Broyles, presided over the publication of twelve issues of Texas Monthly while working, many months, 24/7. His successor, Greg Curtis, did the same, as did I. Of course, there have always been other things in the editor’s charge, but the mother ship was the focus of Bill’s and Greg’s and my attention, and it definitely consumed the largest share.

Today, however, all of us here are increasingly contemplating and talking about and spending time on other platforms for distributing the content we create, existing and original, under the umbrella of the Texas Monthly brand. The most visible of these are our award-winning Web site,; editorial brand extensions, like How to Be Texan; and our sole broadcast brand extension, Texas Monthly Talks. But a lot of new and exciting activities are on the drawing board: more digital extensions, for instance, by way of curated areas of iTunes and YouTube. A mobile site so Texans on the go can access restaurant and event listings, blog content, and the like via iPhones, BlackBerrys, and regular old cell phones. A larger broadcast footprint, including a regular statewide public radio presence and, possibly, something syndicated nationally. An array of editorially driven events ranging from a college circuit to a tour of all 254 Texas counties, from Texas Monthly Talks Live to an annual Texas Monthly Ideas Festival, which would rival what the New Yorker and the Atlantic have pulled off with great fanfare.

This is just the tip of the iceberg—all very ambitious, all very much in line with the evolution of the magazine industry. It, and a lot more, is well

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