Sometimes going to the strip club can be hazardous to your health.

A 67-year-old man spent his last moments on earth Friday at an El Paso gentleman’s establishment, the Red Parrot.

As Whitney Burbank’s KVIA-TV story rather indelicately phrased it:

The manager at the Red Parrot strip club said that the man, identified by sheriff’s officials as Robert Gene White, was getting lap dances, but when it came time to pay the dancers, he was unresponsive.

So far, there’s no indication White died from anything but natural causes. There’s also no indication the dancers were anything but saddened and freaked out, rather than concerned about a tip that never came. 

White’s story was picked up by the Daily Mail, while the Huffington Post was all over the tale of Houston’s modern Pocahontas.

Yes, that’s somebody’s stripper name: twenty-year-old Luerissie Ashley Ross. (Presumably Ariel, Simba, and Snow White were taken.)

Ross’ story is a sad and violent tragedy, not for her, but rather the friends and family of Budrohoe Briscoe. As the Houston Chronicle reported, Ross allegedly worked with one or more accomplices to get men to agree to meet her, when she was actually setting them up to be robbed.

In the wee hours of the morning February 17, the scheme turned fatal, the two men Ross was with allegedly shot Briscoe. He died on February 29.

Briscoe’s relatives knew that “Pocahantas” was a dancer at Ice Cream Castle in North Houston and that she texted photos to his phone. That is what allowed police to bring her to justice. 

Ross was arrested in Katy yesterday for capital murder and aggravated robbery. As the Chronicle also reported, she is cooperating with police, which have linked her to at least two other incidents. One also involved a shooting, but the victim survived.