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Al Reinert was an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He co-wrote the screenplays for the Ron Howard film Apollo 13 and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but is best known for directing and producing For All Mankind, an award-winning documentary about NASA’s Apollo program.

Articles by Al Reinert

High-Heel Homicide

Jun 6, 2014 By Al Reinert

After Ana Trujillo was arrested in the bludgeoning death of her lover, she hired lawyer Jack Carroll to represent her in what became Houston’s splashiest trial of the spring. Did I mention that Carroll is my brother-in-law? And that the murder weapon was a cobalt-blue, five-and-a-half-inch stiletto?

The Last Blast

Jan 21, 2013 By Al Reinert

Few things are as majestic as the launch of the space shuttle. But after nearly thirty years, NASA is sending up its final orbiters. Here's the view from up close.

Lost in Space

Feb 1, 1990 By Al Reinert

Locked away in NASA’s storage vaults was some of the most glorious footage ever filmed. I thought turning it into a movie would be a snap. Ten years later I’ve revised my opinion.

Sax to the Max

Dec 1, 1988 By Al Reinert

A Houston bellhop by day, tenor saxman Grady Gaines has come out of retirement to bring back the trademark sound of a great rock and roll band.

This Water Is My Water

Nov 1, 1988 By Al Reinert

Cool, clear, and pure, it’s the bounty of the Edwards Aquifer, and if something isn’t done to limit pumping by Hill Country farmers and a thirsty San Antonio, it may also be dry.

Moon Struck

Jun 30, 1979 By Al Reinert

Ten years ago the Apollo astronauts, technicians and scientists all, landed on the Moon and touched what poets only dreamed. But that touch changed their lives.

Billy Lee

Feb 1, 1979 By Al Reinert

How a bountifully talented young Texas writer based a novel on Lyndon Johnson, won high praise, and then…

Big Mamas

Sep 30, 1975 By Al Reinert

Two women—one a conservative Republican, the other a liberal Democrat—are the best politicians in Houston.

Briar Patch

Dec 1, 1973 By Al Reinert and Sherry Kafka

TEXAS ON THE POTOMAC THE TOSTADAS WERE (LET’S BE honest now) kind of stale, and the chile con queso was soggy, but, well what the hell, it sure was good to find some real Tex-Mex food. Purists could grumble if they wanted to and point out that the frijoles…

Briar Patch

Nov 1, 1973 By Stephen Harrigan, Al Reinert and Jane Sumner

RETURN OF THE OLD PUCKER THE ASTRODOME HAS REALLY OUTDONE itself. They had the help, though, of Hollywood press agentry and one of the bigger mouths in professional sports, so the Dome can’t take all the credit. Irregardless of culpability, it was an impressive show, that King-Riggs tennis match, and…