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shaving dogs in the summer
Should You Shave Your Dog in the Summertime?

Jul 23, 2019 By Dan Solomon

Ten years ago, my wife and I saw a listing on Craigslist for an 18-month-old Siberian husky. Within a few seconds of meeting Dio, I knew he was our dog. In the years since, we’ve cared for him in little ways (a grain-free diet that agrees with his sensitive stomach!)…

This West Texas Gender Reveal Party Is Mesmerizingly Bizarre

Apr 24, 2019 By Dan Solomon

Gender reveal parties are a twenty-first-century curiosity. On the one hand, they’re social events that provide expectant parents Facebook- and Instagram-ready opportunities to celebrate the happy milestone of bringing a baby into the world with friends and family. On the other hand, they often perpetuate outdated social stereotypes of gender…