David Seeley

Music |
April 30, 1985

The Shaggy Club

In a mixed-up world, mixed-up kids need somebody who really understands. In Dallas that somebody is a punk DJ called Shaggy.

Feature |
December 1, 1984

Too Cool to Get Married

If marriage means commitment and trust, that’s fine. If it means never dancing in front of a Billy Idol video again, that’s no so fine.

Feature |
June 30, 1984

Take This Job and Love It

Sandi Barton works from 8:30 to 5 as a secretary in a downtown Dallas office. She knows a lot of women look down on her job, but it suits her just fine.

Feature |
April 1, 1984

The Ponytail

Warm spring days call for giving in to new clothes and a neck-baring hairdo.

Lifestyle |
January 1, 1983

A Home Away from Home

Thanks to indulgent parents, many of today’s wealthy kids are disdaining dorms for UT-area condos - and forfeiting what may be the best part of a college education.

Feature |
April 1, 1982

Life With The Sutherlands, Frontier Family

Outside the back door stretches the lonely prairie; there is deep silence broken sometimes by gunshots and things that go bump in the night. But here on the edge of Dallas’ suburbs, you can always retreat to the whirlpool in the bathroom.