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John Bloom is an investigative reporter, essayist, and actor who was born in Dallas; raised in Little Rock, Arkansas; and attended Vanderbilt University on a sportswriting scholarship. Bloom began his writing career in Texas, earning two National Magazine Award nominations for Texas Monthly. He was later fired from the Dallas Times-Herald for writing (as “Joe Bob Briggs”) a parody of the then-popular song, “We Are The World.” Joe Bob Briggs began his television career on the Movie Channel, hosting “Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater” for nine years. During this time, it became TMC’s highest-rated show, earning two ACE award nominations. He hosted TNT’s “Monstervision” program and is currently at work on an autobiographical screenplay.

Articles by John Bloom

They Came. They Sawed.

Nov 1, 2004 By John Bloom

And they most definitely conquered. The inside story of how a ragtag bunch of hippies made the wildest Texas movie ever (and spilled no more fake blood than was absolutely necessary).

Gimmie Silver

Apr 30, 1982 By John Bloom

Beyond Greed is the tale of the Hunts’ journey from silver spoon to silver lust. In Sing Me Back Home Merle Haggard takes a quick look at his life (too quick). Billy Clayton has Gavels, Grit & Glory--or so says his biographer.

The Writer Stumbles

Mar 1, 1982 By John Bloom

Celebrity is Thomas Thompson’s flawed venture into fiction; The Last Texas Hero deserves a twenty-yard penalty; Peeper is to be read only to find out who the real Tom is.

Waste Makes Money

Sep 30, 1981 By John Bloom

In With No Fear of Failure you’ll learn how you, too, can turn rags into riches. Daddy’s Girl knows Southern discomfort. Petroleum Politics and the Texas Railroad Commission is the history of our own little OPEC.

And Jesus Said, “Mai Eeñeno”

May 31, 1981 By John Bloom

From its headquarters in the wilds of Dallas to remote jungle outposts all over the world, Wycliffe Bible Translators is defying bitter opposition and dedicating itself to speeding up the Second Coming.

The Italian connection

Aug 31, 1980 By John Bloom

An informant offered to lead a journalist to Europe’s largest cache of stolen art. Soon they were trapped in a web of lies, suspicion, treachery, and impending death.

Profits? What Profits?

Jun 30, 1980 By John Bloom

Reading Big Oil’s annual reports for the truth about profits is a little like drilling for oil in the Baltimore Canyon: you know it’s there, but how deep will you have to go to find it?

Hustlers and Fortune Hunters Beware!

Mar 1, 1980 By John Bloom

When the cable TV salesman comes calling, you should fully expect your city council to sell you down the river. Not that they mean to do it. It’s simply that history shows most city councils don’t know the first thing about cable. People who can barely figure out the briefs…

The Joy of Kissing

Feb 1, 1980 By John Bloom

The art of romantic osculation barely survived the jaded seventies. Now it’s time to rediscover the private delights and civic benefits of real kissing.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Aug 31, 1979 By John Bloom

B-a-a-d government meddling irks Texas goat and sheep raisers; something’s rotten in Rotterdam, and it’s driving up oil prices; and the world’s best gymnasts are coming to Cowtown.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jun 30, 1979 By John Bloom

Suffering the lines at the gas pump; gambling in the magazine business; a dragnet for the Southwest’s sneakiest thief; what’s Dallas’ secret?

Laser Days

Aug 31, 1978 By John Bloom

Lasers have been heralded as the greatest discovery since the computer, but they may be hazardous to your health.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jun 30, 1978 By John Bloom

Psychiatrists send men to death row; Texas’ loop coasters give up-side-down joyride; Diablos play baseball with Kleenex and kazoos.

Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1978 By John Bloom

Taking on the Shah of Iran in Beeville; trying to save an eaglet in Waco; juggling sex in Galveston; flipping the switch on nuclear power; and fighting panjic at monstrous DFW Airport.