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Texas Tidbits

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

The Olympics bring fame to medal winners, but sometimes the luster fades and names are forgotten. Here's a list of a few Texas-born sports heroes who may not have made it on your radar screen.

Books That Cook

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Members of the Houston Astros Wives Organization know that peanuts and Cracker Jacks are likely to strike out at the dinner table, so they’ve put together a playbook for cooking called From Home Plate to Your Plate! Even if you’re prone to major-league errors, you’ll be batting one thousand with…


Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

In 1960 four students from St. Mary’s University, in San Antonio, were caving in Comal County when one of the boys felt an unexpected draft. A crawl through a narrow corridor led them to a network of caverns filled with breathtaking formations, and four years later, NATURAL BRIDGE CAVERNS—named for…

Land Rover

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Scott Cohen, the executive chef at La Mansion del Rio Hotel, in San Antonio, puts a Texas twist on Provençal cooking.

New School

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Garza High School principal Vicki Baldwin talks about the daily assault on public education, President George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind policy, and what a non- traditional school like Garza has to offer kids.

Cave Clan

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

As Natural Bridge Caverns celebrates forty years since its dedication, its patron family looks back on three generations of cave life.