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Out Man In

May 31, 2000 By Patricia Hart

UT regents want their next chancellor to be an academic? Whatever. At Texas Tech, a politician is the one in charge, and he's more than making the grade.

Let There Be Lite

Sep 30, 1999 By Patricia Hart

Forgive state senators like David Sibley and Bill Ratliff their jockeying to succeed Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry. They want to be number two; they have to try harder.

The Capitol Gang

Feb 1, 1999 By Patricia Hart

The power brokers at this year’s legislative session aren’t elected officials. They’re lobbyists—and we know which ones have the most clout.

State Secrets

Mar 1, 1989 By Patricia Hart

Food for thought: agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower may get plowed under; Coastal tries to cut the golden parachute; calling all cars in El Paso.

Jailhouse Hock

Feb 1, 1989 By Patricia Hart

Bill Clements’ ambitious—and expensive—prison-expansion plan is only a tiny first step toward escaping the overcrowding problem.

Power Play

Nov 1, 1988 By Patricia Hart

Houston Lighting and Power’s purchase of a Canadian cable TV company may come as a shock to HL&P ratepayers.

State Secrets

Jun 30, 1988 By Patricia Hart

Go to junior college and see the world; the U.S. Supreme Court looks askance on Texas’ legal bills; a Hispanic political institution at the crossroads; does George Bush have coattails?

Country Boys

Jun 30, 1988 By Patricia Hart

A battle over a vacant state Senate seat reveals that the scars from years of Democratic party infighting haven’t healed yet.

State Secrets

May 31, 1988 By Patricia Hart

Why Continental isn’t in Love (Field); Clinton Manges takes the horns by the Bullock; tort reform and the good bidness climate; logic in advertising.

Disorder in the Court

Mar 1, 1988 By Patricia Hart

An eleventh-hour filing by two candidates for the state Supreme Court has kicked off a season of judicial campaigning unprecedented in Texas history.

State Secrets

Aug 31, 1987 By Patricia Hart

The new tax bill kicks oil when it’s down; the Houston Chronicle is alive and kicking the Post); the premature end of TranStar: the premature beginning of Jim Mattox.

State Secrets

Jun 30, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Fort Worth factions fight over expanding the zoo; Galvestonians derail a tourist trolley; Mattox’s political plans go awry.

State Secrets

May 31, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Poor school districts strike it rich; nursing homes want more money too; the savings and loans aren’t banking on Bill Clements; a veto for political buttons.

Apr 30, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Hobby may be a Hartbeat from the president; the feds dump nuclear-waste workers on the Panhandle; Cisneros’ future remains rosy; Kath Whitmire’s doesn’t.

State Secrets

Apr 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Can the Cotton Bowl survive the SMU scandal? a Mexican American major for Corpus Christi—maybe; the water bureaucrats are up to no dam good.

State Secrets

Mar 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

A busing controversy at the prison system; the high cost of free rent; the GOP goes to town; a well-known private eye loses his license; rotten eggs at Bentsen’s breakfasts.

State Secrets

Jan 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

A gloomy prediction for Texas banks; the oil crisis becomes a steel crisis; how Lloyd Bentsen’s new chairmanship can help Texas.