Among the contributors to Pat Haggery’s campaign in his pivotal race against Craddick-backed Dee Margo are Republican House members who are leaders of the anti-Craddick insurgency:

Byron Cook $1,000
Edmund Kuempel $3,000
Brian McCall $2,500
Jim Pitts $5,000
Todd Smith $2,000

In raising an eye-popping $149,000 in January, Haggerty also reeled in some major contributions from lobby PACs:

Texans for Lawsuit Reform $5,000
Realtors $5,000
Firefighters $2,000 (plus $1K from the El Paso firefighters)
Manufactured Housing $5,000
Texas Medical Association $2,000
Texas State Teachers Association $5,000

Haggerty may or may not win, but he has the money to slug it out with Margo/Craddick.