The resignation of Plano state representative Brian McCall on Friday, following the announcement that he will become chancellor of the Texas State University system, could produce yet another clash between Mabrie Jackson and Van Taylor in their bitter battle to succeed McCall. On March 2, Jackson led Taylor in the Republican primary. They will face either other again in a runoff on April 13. The winner will take office in January. In the meantime, somebody has to be elected to serve the remainder of McCall’s term, which expires in January 2011. That election will be held on May 8. If Jackson wins the runoff, it would not be surprising to see Taylor enter that race, since he has spent a small fortune to get his name and message out and has made no secret of his desire to run for Ralph Hall’s or Sam Johnson’s congressional seat, if either retires. The special election gives him the chance to continue to put his name before the public. Jackson conceivably might enter the race too, to get a leg up on seniority and to be able to hit the ground running in January — and, if she were to win the runoff handily, to squash Taylor permanently. If Taylor wins the runoff, however, I doubt that Jackson would run in the special election.