Yesterday, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said he had an office pool going over how long the public testimony on Voter ID would last. I’d like to propose another pool: How many times will Voter ID sponsor Troy Frasier decline to answer his colleague’s questions and refer them to “expert witnesses” who will be called to testify later today? My only question is: does Fraser really not know the answers, or are all these deflections a strategy to not engage in debate? Fraser’s second default answer is:   “my bill will be approved by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  I’m not sure that statement does much to explain how the bill will work as a practical matter. It’s clear that Fraser is being worn out by his Democratic colleagues, but he’s missing an opportunity to answer some legitimate questions. Sen. Carlos Uresti, in particular, provided good information about the logistical hurdles some West Texans have to go through to get a driver’s license.