From Politico:

The Republican pollster that signaled Dick Lugar’s demise and Deb Fischer’s late surge is now flagging an upset in the making in the Texas Senate race. Tea party favorite Ted Cruz is leading Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst 47 percent to 38 percent in the GOP runoff, according to a new survey by the Columbus, Ohio-based Wenzel Strategies. The poll, commissioned for the Cruz-backing Citizens United Political Victory Fund and released first to POLITICO, found 14 percent remain undecided with just under three weeks until the election.

Buy or sell? I’m buying. The Dewhurst camp ran a lackluster campaign, the fatal decision of which was delivering him into the hands of Rick Perry’s consultants. Nor was it smart to attack Tom Leppert just before the primary. Dewhurst should have won this campaign easily. At a time when no one knew who Ted Cruz was, Dewhurst went on the attack and raised Cruz’s name identification.Now Perry’s neck is on the line as well. If Cruz wins the race, every story will say that Perry endorsed Dewhurst.

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I’m sure that many readers will recall that I have written repeatedly that Dewhurst would win this race. Maybe he will yet, but that’s not where the smart money is right now.

Fellow blogger Robert Miller has posted the results of two other polls in the Senate race:

Public Policy Polling:

Cruz 49%

Dewhurst 44%

Dewhurst internal poll (Baselice & Associates)

Dewhurst 50%

Cruz 42%

As I said about an earlier Cruz internal poll, I don’t give much credence to internal polls.