The liberal Democratic blog Huffington Post assailed Rick Perry today, devoting a full page to his foibles. It won’t affect the Republican gubernatorial primary, though, since no R’s read Huffington Post. Various unflattering photos of Perry appear on the Web site. Here are the topics: –“Rick Perry admits, ‘This whole country is ‘absolutely’ in a recession’ after lauighing it off.” –[picked up from Political] Perry on Recession: “We’re in one?” –Governor Rick Perry: “Texas could Secede” –Rick Perry pulls out of Values Voters straw poll (because he is running for governor, not for president) –Perry’s Ranger Deployment Questioned by Local Border Leaders –Perry sends Rangers to Texas-Mexico Border –Rick Perry machine profits off Stimulus he opposed (by making grants of stimulus money to supportive local law enforcement in South Texas) –Dare Devils: Rick Perry and the Texas Death Panel (this refers to the recent execution of Cameron Todd Willingham for arson, the “Texas Death Panel” being the Court of Criminal Appeals. * * * * Meanwhile, the Morning News’ Wayne Slater has a story about former Bush 43 speechwriter Matt Latimer’s new book that has an unflattering anecdote about Hutchison’s “purse boys” (Latimer’s term). Click here for the link to Slater’s story.