In my reporting of election results Tuesday night, I failed to mention the outcome of the race for Place 11 on the State Board of Education. The district covers Tarrant and four suburban counties. Incumbent Pat Hardy faced a challenge from Cleburne urologist Barney Maddox. The stakes in this race were that a victory by Maddox would give the flat-earth crowd a majority on the board. Writing about the race in the Dallas Morning News, Steve Blow reported, “Dr. Maddox is on record as referring to the theory of evolution as ‘a myth’ and ‘a fairy tale.’” He also quoted from Maddox’s campaign flyer: “Barney Maddox believes social studies textbooks should devote more space to American presidents than Marilyn Monroe and that the vicious attack of 9-11 should be portrayed as an aggressive act by terrorists, not an American conspiracy.” How about a compromise?They could devote space to writing that Marilyn Monroe had an affair with John F. Kennedy. Despite being outspent by 15 to 1, Hardy prevailed by 58,867 to 40,761, thus preventing advocates of teaching creationism from having a majority on the board.