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January 1, 1981

The Contender

Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull is full of fancy footwork, but it doesn’t land many solid hits. Jack Lemmon deserves Tribute; The Competition is a winning film.

December 1, 1980

The Shadow Warrior

Sword-wielding samurai clash in Kagemusha, Akira Kurosawa’s rousing saga of clan wars in sixteenth-century Japan. The Stunt Man goes out on a limb—and falls off. It’s My Turn is a feminist film that’s funny.

November 1, 1980

Putting on Heirs

The story of Howard Hughes and the discredited “Mormon will” is the unlikely subject of a quirky film about rags and out-of-reach riches. Ordinary People is full of woe; Stardust Memories has far to go.

August 31, 1980

Lights, Camera—Willie!

Willie Nelson tries on a starring role and comes out smelling like a Honeysuckle Rose; in Willie an Phil Paul Mazursky pays homage to Truffaut, although he shortchanges himself.

July 31, 1980

The War-horse

The Big Red One is Sam fuller’s war baby; roadie never gets out of its rut; The Tin Drum misses a few beats.

June 30, 1980

City Kicker

Urban Cowboy falls off its horse; The Shining is Stanley Kubrick’s horror odyssey; The Empire Strikes Back, but it’s no coup; Alfred Hitchcock takes the fortieth step.

April 30, 1980

Southern Discomfort

John Huston makes the sinners and saviors of Flannery O’Connor’s fiction eerily real in Wise Blood; Little Miss Marker falls short; Nijinsky falls flat.

April 1, 1980

Lode Star

Coal Miner’s Daughter hits true and false notes; Cruising goes sadly astray.

March 1, 1980

Brains, Beauty, and Braun

The Marriage of Maria Braun marks a second honeymoon for the New German Cinema; it’s hard to see your way through The Fog; this American Gigolo is overpriced and underwhelming.

February 1, 1980

Danger: Low Voltage

The Electric Horseman got its wires crossed. Kramer vs. Kramer is an above-average film taken from a below-average novel.

January 1, 1980

Catch a Riding Star

A boy and his horse reach great heights in The Black Stallion. The Rose, with Bette Midler, is no American beauty.

December 1, 1979

The Vampire Killer

Werner Herzog reverently remade the classic 1921 version of Nosferatu. He should have left scary enough alone.

November 1, 1979

Over There

Filmmakers flub: Schlesinger’s Yanks, Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal, and Jewison’s—And Justice for All.

August 31, 1979

The Truth Hurts

North Dallas Forty scores but misses the extra point, Dracula bites off more than it can chew, and Peppermint Soda recalls with accuracy the bittersweet days of adolescence.

June 30, 1979

Eagle’s Eye

The Whole Shootin’ Match is a Texas film with Texas actors that took a year to get shown in Texas.

April 30, 1979

Adults Only

The Innocent isn’t really for innocents. Hair isn’t really for anybody.

February 1, 1979

The Long Brawl

Clint Eastwood stars in a movie about a macho man with a heart of gold and a sense of humor.

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