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June 28, 2013

The Best and Worst Legislators of 2005

IMAGINE A KITTEN, VERY CURIOUS BUT EASILY FRIGHTENED: That was the Seventy-ninth Legislature. It poked around school finance, pawed at tax reform, heard loud shouts of “No!”, fled to Mama, curled up, and went to sleep. Lawmakers did a lot of exploring, learned a lot about the world, even grew

January 20, 2013

Party Poopers II

Ronald Reagan once commanded, "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican." So why has the state GOP declared war on itself over resdistricting?

January 20, 2013

Party Poopers

Two powerful Republicans are in charge of redistricting this session, but that doesn't mean they're out to get the Democrats.

January 20, 2013

Christmas Carole

When it's time for her to give the gift of a revenue estimate, Comptroller Rylander could be naughty or nice. Either way, the Legislature better watch out.

January 20, 2013

Cop Drama

How cuts to the budget of our mental health care system have created a nightmare for police officers in Houston—and everywhere else.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
January 20, 2013

Why Juan Can’t Read

In 2006 Texas schools still can’t teach English to Spanish-speaking students. Here’s what we should do about that—now.

News & Politics|
July 31, 2009

Mismanaged Care

A unique confluence of medicine, money, and politics is driving health care costs in the Rio Grande Valley. At the center of it all is a Democrat from Palmview, who is already under indictment for unreported income.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
February 1, 2008

Army of One

There is no more important job than reshaping the military to confront a dark and dangerous future—and Pete Geren is reporting for duty.

News & Politics|
June 30, 2007

2007: The Best and Worst Legislators

The eightieth session began with a Speaker’s race, ended with a Speaker’s race, and was consumed in between by the usual mix of nuanced issues and nasty politics. Along the way, a handful of lawmakers put the common good ahead of all else. And a handful of lawmakers didn’t.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
April 30, 2006

Field of Nightmares

A pernicious staph infection is targeting athletes young and old—and igniting a debate over the hazards of artificial turf.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
February 1, 2006

Size Matters

If big high schools are the problem, why aren’t there more small ones?

Patricia Kilday Hart|
November 1, 2005

Who is Joe Barton?

The most powerful Texas congressman you’ve never heard of. And a partisan hack. And a bipartisan pragmatist.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
July 31, 2005

Home Buyer Beware

The state agency that’s supposed to protect you is a captive of the industry you need protection from.

Patricia Kilday Hart|
April 30, 2005

Down But Not Out

No one thinks the Democrats have a chance of winning the 2006 governor’s race. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t write them off.

Politics & Policy|
February 1, 2005

Who Might Make It Next Time

• Matthew Dowd, 43, and Mark McKinnon, 49, Austin The two Bush campaign veterans have returned to Texas, consultant Dowd to set up his own firm and media guru McKinnon to return to Public Strategies, his old stomping ground. Their political talent and impeccable credentials will have an impact here.•

Politics & Policy|
February 1, 2005

Who’s Not On The List

• Rick Perry, 54, Austin He’s one of the best campaigners Texas has ever seen, but that’s all that can be said. Beyond the inherent powers of the office, the assets that earn a governor extra clout are an uplifting vision for the future, broad-based popular support, and the respect

March 1, 2004

Hood Riddance

How is school finance like a Russian novel? And other questions about the most pressing issue in Texas—and Rick Perry's plan for dealing with it.

September 30, 2003

The Unkindest Cut

Three months ago we named David Dewhurst one of the state's best legislators. Now we're not so sure.

Politics & Policy|
April 30, 2003

The Enforcer

The name on everyone's lips this legislative session is unknown to most people outside Austin—inside Austin too. But Mike Toomey, the governor's chief of staff, is the most powerful political operative at the Capitol—and the most feared. Just ask his fellow Republicans.

August 31, 2002

Race of Races

Who will succeed Brown as the mayor of Houston? He'll probably be black or Hispanic, but he could be White.

April 30, 2002

Right Makes Might

After a conservative think tank used its clout to help scuttle a science textbook, some Republicans declared victory. The rest declared war.

September 30, 2001

Minority Report

As Democrats and Republicans prepare for the hand-to-hand combat of 2002, African American and Hispanic candidates are finally on the front lines.

April 1, 2001

Imperfect 10

The top 10 percent rule was supposed to solve the admissions problems at Texas' public universities, but it isn't making the grade.

State Secrets|
August 31, 2000


The politics of the Medicaid "shortfall."

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