TEXAS ROAD SIDE BEEF JERKY (“You Kill It—We Grill It”), available from Richter Enterprises in Hondo for $4.99.

THE LION KING AND OTHER PAPIER-MACHE ART made from toilet paper by inmates of the El Paso County jail, priced individually.

AGGIE CASKETS, in maroon fiberglass, available at Southwood Funeral Home in College Station for up to $3,600.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AND TEXAS A&M MEN’S COLOGNE, part of the Campus Collection of Ann Arbor–based Wilshire Fragrance; two-ounce bottles available at department stores for $24.

TEXOPOLY, a game patterned after Monopoly but with a Texas theme (J. Frank Dobie is on the $100 bill and Texas Draw Cards have instructions like “Boots Need Retreading, Pay $250″), developed by Global Games and sold at toy stores for a suggested $24.95.

“YOU COULD BE A COWBOY” VIDEO AND CD (“Answers the questions every kid, and former kid, has about the cowboy arts, their gear, and what it takes to be a top hand”), produced by Seattle-based Scattergood and available by calling 1-800-422-2554, for $49.95.

PURE TEJANO NATURAL SPRING WATER, bottled from Indian Springs in Northeast Texas by World Class Waters, chaired by Hakeem Olajuwon; one-liter bottles available at selected Wal-Mart and Fiesta outlets for 99 cents.

THE REAL TEXAS RANGERS TRADING CARDS, featuring photographs and biographies of legendary Texas lawmen, marketed by Les Tisdale of Pharr for $12 a set.

TEXAS LINE DANCERS FASHION DOLL COLLECTION, made by Kid Kore International and sold at HEB stores for $5.95.

NAFTA WINE, made in California, with a label made in Mexico and a cork made in Canada, available in El Paso–area liquor stores for $10 a bottle.