Dawnna Dukes

Health |
September 22, 2014

Why Did State Rep. Dawnna Dukes Have to Reveal That She’d Had an Abortion at Trib Fest?

On a panel about the "Women's Health Debate," Texas House candidate Molly White insisted to Dukes that women who haven't had abortions couldn't understand their impact—so Dukes revealed her own history with the procedure.

Politics & Policy |
April 29, 2009

Dueling Education Debates

First, here’s an update from Abby Rappaport on the House: Dawnna Dukes just lost the most exciting battle thus far on her amendment to eliminate school closures. Dukes spoke at length about the troubles at Webb Elementary School and argued that some school districts don’t mind school closure.  “That just

Politics & Policy |
January 23, 2009


The highlights: 1. A process is established for removal of the speaker following the refusal to recognize a member for a question of privilege. (The Tom Craddick Rule) This had to be done. The Craddick/Keel/Wilson ruling that the speaker was an officer of the state and could not be removed

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