This long-awaited steakhouse, led by award-winning chef Louis Maldonado and brought to us by the folks at the Pit Room and Candente, is finally open. Expect a long and confusing menu, ranging from bivalves to bovines, plus the usual salads and vegetables. Eyeing the “from the robata” section of the menu, we chose the bluefin tuna, two small but perfect pieces. The heartier beef rib au poivre came accented with cognac and green peppercorns. A small loaf of salty bread, mellowed out nicely with fine olive oil for dipping, came gratis. Sides included a showstopper tart of small glossy, caramelized onions in pastry accented with orange marmalade. Also satisfying was the pommes Anna, wafer-thin potatoes nested with more onions in a buttery sauce. But the best came last: a perfect round of chocolate cake with chocolate icing, topped with gold leaf and thin slices of citrusy kumquats.