The soaring entry gives way to a warm, sophisticated space with a handsome bar area and a dining room of happy diners filling cozy booths and enjoying “coastal cuisine.” We appreciated the well-curated menu of fresh fish and sushi supplemented by steaks and roast chicken for diners not in a seafood mood. We started off right with a half dozen beautifully fried cornmeal-crusted fresh oysters on their shells, topped with dollops of horseradish cream (a lovely vinaigrette relish added a little extra zing). A delicious halibut tostada featured one dainty corn tostada piled with fresh chunks of raw Pacific halibut, drizzled with creamy citrus dressing and sprinkled with colorful bits of radish, corn, and herbs. We quite like the very generous wedge salad with copious quantities of blue cheese and big bites of bacon, though oddly it arrived with our entrées. Still, no complaints at all with the El Pescador sandwich—a pan-fried grouper filet on a butter-toasted bun (made in house), dressed with tartar sauce, Bibb lettuce, and dill pickle slices. (Note: The extra charge for shoestring French fries is worth it.) Memorable and shareable, three caramelized plump scallops are lavished with fresh-off-the-cob creamed corn and spoonfuls of spicy salsa verde pesto.