This charming corner spot in a shopping center south of downtown Frisco is the new baby of chef Stefania Gambaccini and her husband and co-owner, Walter. After emigrating from Lucca, the historic walled city of Tuscany, with their two sons some fifteen years ago, they established themselves in San Francisco’s North Beach, where their trattoria became a darling of critics and regular eaters alike. But when the pandemic shut down the city, in 2020, the family visited friends in Texas and unexpectedly found their new home. Stefania’s specialty is, fittingly, cucina lucchese, which captivates with its subtly layered flavors and generous, homestyle authenticity—nothing is preciously presented or skimpily served here. Every single dish we tried delighted us, from the tordelli alla lucchese—a ravioli-like pasta fat with beef and pork—to a lasagna bolognese with tissue-thin layers of egg pasta. This is expertly prepared food, from a region you don’t see represented much in the Dallas area.