After a pandemic detour to the Heights, Dak & Bop is not only back in the Museum District in its old haunt but has expanded its already sumptuous Korean menu. There are now offerings such as mussels along with mainstream dishes like the justifiably famous fried wings and drumsticks (advance warning: both servings are huge). Parmesan “truffle” fries rock, as do kimchi and crispy Brussels sprouts. We also loved the bibimbap (simply saying the word is fun), the classic rice/beef/greens/fried egg combo (best with gochujang chile paste). But of course, no visit is complete without chicken fresh from the fryer—crunchy, brilliantly hot, perfectly moist. We like ours “medium spicy” with soy garlic. Be sure to get the sauce on the side – you do not want to disturb that crust. The cozy bar supplies all manner of generous drinks, including soju in various flavors. The only (very minor) gripe we had on our last visit was that Jeopardy was playing on a giant screen without subtitles or sound.