The waitresses wear Frida Kahlo’s trademark headdress, which gives you a good idea that this restaurant has its roots and spirit in a different world. If you’re looking for ground beef tacos or cheese enchiladas, you should keep looking, because you won’t find them here. Instead, expect what the restaurant describes as “traditionally rich Mexican flavors with a modern twist”: three types of ceviche, sweet potato tacos, spaghetti in poblano sauce, beet salad with pine nuts dressed with balsamic honey, and much more. We settled on dishes that spotlighted masa. The sopes were thick-rimmed, open-faced blue-masa tarts, topped with tender shredded beef, beans, queso fresco, and crema Oaxaqueña. Our second choice, enmoladas (think enchiladas, but with mole instead of a chile- or cheese-based sauce) featured four homemade corn tortillas filled with flavorful shredded chicken and lavished with the house mole. But it’s not all upscale and fancy: you’ll find barbacoa and menudo on the weekends. Frida’s is a place that demands repeat visits to sample it all.