HiWay Cantina is just getting started, and given that it comes from the Agricole-Coltivare people, we expected a lot. Unfortunately, though, our experience was fairly mixed. It’s a bright spot, taking the place of Indianola in EaDo (shorthand for east of downtown), and it is festive, well staffed, and comfortable. Margaritas (a long list) are terrific, as was the poblano-laced chile con queso (though the chips were rather stale and sparse). The campechana, served with wonderful chicharrones (fried pork skin nibbles), had a fair number of shrimp but was equally packed with filler slices of cucumber. Tres Hombres—a combo plate—also proved a mixed bag. The crispy taco was just fine, but the nicely flavored carne asada proved dry, and the cheese enchilada arrived lukewarm. Also problematic were the Tamarind Quail, which were minuscule, dry, and squashed flat. They were surrounded by chunks of zucchini, barely roasted tomatoes, and ribbons of corn sliced from the cob. On the other hand, the corn pudding nestled alongside was sweet and delicious. HiWay Cantina’s menu is extensive and exciting, and we expect better things to come given the attractive interior, the friendly staff, and the owners’ pedigree.