This rollicking hot spot on the second floor of the vast, double-decker Dun Huang Plaza, in Chinatown, is brought to us by Grace and Leo Xia, of Duck N Bao. It’s an all-you-can-eat concept, and the “33” refers to the reasonable $33 fixed price per person. After we ordered the recommended beef, the usual variety of small condiment plates were set before us, including pickled daikon, bean sprouts, cucumber, and kimchi (the best we’ve had). As the meat arrived and we began to grill our brisket, Wagyu beef belly, flatiron steak, and galbi, we agreed we had ascended to carnivore heaven. The japchae—stir-fried glass noodles—are worth sampling as well. Hongdae doesn’t take reservations, and there are lines, so get there early. Also, they set a ninety-minute limit on each seating, do not provide doggie bags, and charge $8 per head for food left on the plate—so eat up!