This Korean barbecue spot is a rebranding of the upscale Nuri Grill, which previously occupied the space under the same ownership. The vibe is more casual, and tabletop grills add a fun interactive element. Barbecued meats come with a tangy cucumber soup as well as the customary slew of small sides (banchan), including pickled vegetables, kimchi, and salads. Marinated galbi (sliced Black Angus short rib) was a fantastic choice; the caramelized bites got savory boosts from two dipping sauces. (And it could have served two or three, but note that there’s a minimum order of two dishes for meat and hot pot orders.) We also liked the Mountain Bulgogi: a tower of marinated beef, cooked at the table, surrounded by a moat of simmering beef soup with springy glass noodles. We boldly chose the “spicy” heat level and learned that “mild” would have sufficed.