JP’s Lil Cajun Kitchen has the predictable cravings covered, from “Poe Boys” in the shrimp, fish, or alligator varieties to boudin balls, etouffee, and gumbo. We lean toward the fried pies, and since it is too difficult to choose between the meat and the crawfish, we just order both. The Cajun burger, a savory mixture of ground beef and andouille sausage topped with jack cheese and crispy bacon (and served with house made spicy mayo), is never a bad decision. The dessert specialties are delicious—both the scrumptious cheesecake and the exquisite New Orleans–style bread pudding. The bright red building is as cheery as the menu. By the way, the number given online has a “disconnected” recording, so give this one from Facebook a try: (936) 615-8082.