Dimly lit and hipster-cool, this Bishop Arts area newcomer isn’t your typical Dallas bar and lounge. A DJ spins vintage vinyl—some nights there’s live music—and the concise food menu is better than that of most bars. There are enough good dishes to put together a meal, and the kitchen is open until 11 p.m. Snacks range from the addictive Popcorn du Jour to fried smashed potatoes (topped with lump crab and spicy hollandaise). Of the three slider varieties, the tuna version was our favorite. The ground fish patties—cooked to a rosy medium—were spread with the perfect amount of zingy wasabi mayo. Et Tu Brute turned out to be a clever twist on a Caesar salad, served taco style: three Romaine leaves, lightly charred on the inside, brushed with house Caesar dressing, and topped with Parmesan crisps and a sprinkle of briny salmon roe. As for drinks, you’ll find wine, beer, and both cocktails and mocktails. We loved the citrus and floral profile of the gin-based CDMX 1920.