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Dining Guide

Meat & Bread

Located in a quaint niche within the 360 Condos, along the western side of downtown, this elevated sandwich shop is a Canadian import and the perfect antidote to lunchtime woes. As you may expect from the name, the bread is fresh and toothsome, but the fillings really make the package. Roasted porchetta is the house specialty, and the tender, herb-crusted meat is heavenly with a drizzle of the herbaceous salsa verde. A wholesome meatball sub delivered on flavor with a tangy marinara and Parmesan aioli. Add some chips and an iced tea, and the midday break is in the bag.

City: Austin


Drinks: Beer & wine

Price: $$

Rating: ★★

Address: 360 Nueces, Austin, TX, 78701

Hours: L Mon–Sat.

Phone: 512-330-4736

Website: meatandbread.com/northshore

Last updated: June 21, 2022