Wow, so pretty! The perfectly round room in its own perfectly round building features floor-to-ceiling windows with white curtains, tables, and chairs; a gleaming marble floor; and a bar sparkling with  reflective tile. Likewise impressive, the kitchen deftly turns out well-composed Mexican- and Japanese-inspired dishes. We loved the yellowtail crudo—beautifully fresh slices of hamachi anointed with ponzu sauce and citrusy olive oil, further dressed up with micro-crowns of wasabi, nasturtiums, cherry tomato bits, and capers. Another beautiful option, bright and zesty sea bream ceviche, is served with crunchy, warm, fresh-made totopos sprinkled with sea salt. The star of our meal, though, was cioppino, a quintessential version of the famous fisherman’s stew, chockful of shrimp, squid, mussels, clams, and scallops in the lightest broth (roasted tomato, saffron, white wine, and butter broth). We sopped up every drop with the crusty sourdough that came alongside. Of the nine lobster options, we chose tacos, a forthright construction with generous chunks of the sweet shellfish in blue corn tortillas topped with avocado slices and mango-spiked pico de gallo. (It barely needed the two salsas, red and green, that came on the side.) This lovely space in the well-planned Autry Park development includes a fun view of a lively pedestrian area; the dog-friendly patio is nicely situated on the green space.