Formerly on staff at Kiepersol winery in nearby Bullard, Nourish ETX owner Jeannie Conneen earned her wine chops cultivating the food and wine pairing program there and by working in the winery during harvest season. Her own market offers wine from around the world as well as locally grown and created products and hard-to-find specialty food items. Monthly wine dinners explore different countries and regions. The menu for the small dining area in the shop is diminutive but delightful, spanning the tapas spectrum from assorted Mediterranean dips to grilled sourdough with herbed goat cheese spread. Also available are delicious soups (lentil or tomato) and salads (the house salad has greens and arugula plus roasted pickled beets, pickled eggs, grated carrot, green onions, and feta with house dressing). There are also seven or so small plates consisting of several sandwiches plus mixed Mediterranean dips—charcuterie boards too. Among the desserts is a Basque cheesecake that we intend to try next time. Our only gripe was the early closing time: 6 pm. (This was the first time we’ve ever closed down a wine bar.)