What’s not to like about a meal that starts with gooey cheese and ends with creamy chocolate? There’s enough variety on the menu to satisfy most: five cheese options (including aged cheddar with Hill Country lager and Brie with spinach and artichoke); palate-cleansing salads (though we found them rather pedestrian); hearty entrée proteins (and a vegetarian offering) for DIY simmering in the broth of your choosing; and, finally, five chocolate fondues. Dippable items for the cheeses include cubes of marble rye and sourdough bread, chunks of apple, broccoli florets, and grapes; graham crackers, marshmallows, banana slices, strawberries, and Oreos come alongside the chocolate fondues. For the entrée course, portions are heavy on the meats and light on veggies, which consist primarily of tiny potatoes, fresh green beans, and mushrooms. Convection-type heating elements embedded in the tabletops make this experience kid-friendly. Plan on spending at least two hours.