With two locations available, we tried the new one on Culebra in a small strip center (the Babcock store is a stand-alone drive-through) and found it  had just what the ‘hood needs: rich, juicy pork trompo tacos al pastor with all the extras, plus classic beef carne asada available as an option. The highly curated menu specializes in dishes in the style of northern Mexico’s Monclova. The same meats are also offered as flour tortilla-wrapped quesadillas or piled-high nachos. Hungry for more? Order up roast potatoes or spicy charro beans and, for dessert, arroz con leche or banana or Key lime pie. The salsas, by the way, are fantastic. Dine inside or carry home—this is a simple, bright spot with the  ambiance of a fast food spot and cheerful counter service. In the interest of full disclosure, we must report that our colleague, Texas Monthly taco editor José Ralat, has a  different opinion of some of Tacos Vitali’s dishes, notably the trompo, and has written a very interesting account of his meals and the history of the restaurant group (see “A New San Antonio Taqueria” in our Food & Drink section). We suggest that you visit and make up your own mind.